Solopreneurs survival kit

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How to start your own business?

Ask your ultimate business partner, of course

It is always best to see what is your government wants and has to say about Small Business. You are partners from the moment you start your business until you give up entrepreneur life. Partners in a sense that you will be sharing profit by paying taxes, and  making business decisions together. Sure They make decisions first, but you depend on it very much

So let's see how your government will help you:

and some direction for others in the European Union: Small Business Act for Europe.


Find a mentor

Fighting your way trough endless “try and fail”-s is noble but very time a soul consuming. Find someone who you trust and who can help you with your first steps. Check this detailed post with great pointers and ideas about  how to find a mentor.

How long before I earn money on-line?

Besides the “How to”-s, I think this is the most usual question people ask from experts. Instead of writing a long post here I advise you to read this thoughtful post from David Risley:How long does it take to earn money online?.

How much should I charge for my services?

I believe this is another hard to crack problem. Dawn Mentzer gave us 5 thing to consider before starting your quoting as a freelancer. I also showed a method  how to take all the money you can.

About business for the Dummy in us

I like the …… for Dummies series. Most probably you will find one specific for your country.


Getting Started in Small Business For Dummies, Australian & New Zealand Edition


Small Business For Dummies  and Entrepreneurship For Dummies

The latest I’ve read was the Canadian Small Business Kit For Dummies which is a very comprehensive covering of all the basics.

Some online versions are also available, my favorite is Entrepreneurship For Dummies cheat Sheet