3 Best Free SEO resources for newcomers

I know the title is very much on the eye candy  side, but sometimes even the truth can look like eye candy. And I like when there is truth behind, because it is so rare!

Most popular search engines

I am so much Google focused for searching that I wanted to see if it is only my laziness or something else. So I pulled up the Top 15 Most popular search engines  from eBizMBA and learned that nothing wrong with me, except I am moving with the crowd.

Last month 63% of all search visits of the top 15 was landing on Google. 85% covered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since I am big fan of Pareto principle I did not have to search any further for the self-justification why I will only include these three in this article.

SEO resources

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization there are hundreds if not thousands e-books out there. Most of them telling you those best practices which are written in the official guides of these sites. So before shopping for the “Greatest secrets of SEO optimizations”check out these:

#1 Google search engine optimization starter guide:

It was not until recently that I’ve found this well written 32 page pdf  document. I think everybody who wants to do something on the WEB must read it.

If I would be a SEO consultant  – which I am apparently not even if I have sites ranking on first page in Hungarian – I would give this SEO guide to all customer to read it before engaging any activity.

I see as some of the faces turning sympathetic and feel sorry for my wife and child to live with such a mentally challenged individual, but think about it twice. Educating your customer might result loosing him/her on the short run, but I bet you that high percent of those left will come back to you, because of the implementation is not as easy as it looks. On the other hand educated customer who understand what you are talking about is much easier to deal with, save time, effort and nerves.

The document, written in 2008 and updated in 2010 still valid and can be found here : Google search engine optimization starter guide

Lately Googe produced a video for bigginers.  The SEO for startups under 10 minutes is a great resource  to watch.

#2 Bing Webmaster tools

This one is a bit more complex but also a great place for information. The Bing webmaster tools gives a detailed walk trough for anyone willing to click around for a while. For those in favor of pdf documents can download the Bing — New Features For Webmasters. Submitting your site to Bing can take some time but since it covers Yahoo submission as well for the 23% might worth the effort.


#3 Yahoo Search Webmaster help

As you can imagine not much left for Yahoo. The put together a Content Quality guideline, but if you read through the precious two, not much new information will hit you here.

[content_box_light_green width=”75%”]You can say it is only 2.2 instead of the high pitched 3, so to make it right here is one more..[/content_box_light_green]

#+1 Search Engine Land – to stay informed

I know there are many others out there but this site  is my personal favorite, as you can see in my Twitter feed.

I link here an earlier post about from 2011 about 5 New Tactics For SEO Post-Panda, but you can wonder around to see many good posts.


So I hope i rounded it up to 3 by the end.  And finally I do not want you to leave with out getting at least one “secret”:

[content_box_light_green width=”75%”]Doing SEO right requires a lot of effort, experience and it is an ongoing work.[/content_box_light_green]

If you have more of these type of SEO resources, do not hesitate to post it here: