The 3Ps of a solopreneur, presistent.

The 3 Ps of solopreneurs – Solo in nature

Persistent, patient, purposeful. Like this spider. Last summer I found a large spiderweb on the passage leading to the garden. Since it was blocking my way, I took it down. Than the next morning it was there again. After three or four days I gave it up. I took a  different route.      …

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Balanced Rock

Balanced – Solo in nature

Balanced. We talk a lot about it, even in marketing. Work – life balance, nutrition balance, harmony, zen and many more phrases.   This 128 feet (39m) tall natural wonder, the Balanced Rock in Arches National Park UT although not live, but shows exactly what it is to be in balance.        …

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Growth is futile but posting selfie is imperative

I was at a hairdresser the other day and from that visit I learned two things about solopreneur hairdressers. First is that growing beyond being solo might reduce one’s profit and increase headache. Second even a not very IT savvy – a.k.a computer technologically challenged – solopreneur can hack herself into the stream of social…

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Against all odds – Solo in nature

Nothing particularly special about this picture, unless we consider the place it is taken.   This small tree was growing on the Norris Geyser Basin of the Yellowstone National Park. While this area is ideal for thermophiles, which paint the hot streams from green to brown, not a perfect habitat for pine. And still…  …

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Road blocks, solopreneur’s worst nightmare

Show stoppers, roadblocks, technical difficulties. How to avoid or at least mitigate the risk? I show how planning and re-planning might help.

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Never give up – Solo in nature

Photography is my hobby. I am fascinated by lonely species. From now on, every Friday I will publish a picture from my collection of these wonders.     The picture was taken in Bryce canyon, my favorite of canyon land . There should be no soil to grow on, but this tree still manage to…

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Solopreneur tarot – Part 2

This mini series is about the hats – presented as cards – you as solo professional shuffle daily. In the first part I picked four from the deck : The oracle, the holder of the key, the magician and the author.  Today I will shed some light on two hidden roles.  Project manager – the…

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Solopreneur tarot – what is your card today?

“Solopreneur has to wear so many hats!” Boring isn’t it? OK, here is the deal, give me three minutes and I show you why you must deal with it on a different level. Ready?

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From circle of fool to spiral of success

Learn the “secret formula” that boosted the Japanese economy in the 1950`s I know, this title is very BS like but I guess you would not be here if I wrote: here is a post about the Shewhart cycle also known as PDCA cycle. Working in process improvement and quality management for so many years…

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Your traffic retention buddy

You are working dam hard to get as much traffic to your site as possible. Your pinterest is awesome, G+ page flourishing and your twitter flows. After countless hours of content generation, FB liking, twitting traffic is starting to flow in. You follow the 12 Most Vital Steps in the Writing Process by Susan Silver.…

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