3 Best Free SEO resources for newcomers

I know the title is very much on the eye candy  side, but sometimes even the truth can look like eye candy. And I like when there is truth behind, because it is so rare! Most popular search engines I am so much Google focused for searching that I wanted to see if it is…

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10 000 hours of deliberate practice

My guitar play sucks. If you push me I put a video on youtube and show it, but trust me you are better off if you take my word for it. I’ve always believed that I can not play properly because my fingers are short and my joints are stiff. Reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers I…

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The only New Year’s resolution you should make

As 2011 fading out into the grey mists of winter, (I know it’s bright and shine in Australia but from here this is how it looks) many of us started to think – and what worst blog – about New Year resolutions. I am not a big fan of NYRs.  I believe that one shouldn’t…

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