Behind your virtual counter

“Behind the virtual counter”-  your presence, your passion, your business. I trimmed the title to fit. What I am about to put here is a backbone of a presentation I gave on a meeting of the Bridgemakers meetup group in Vancouver BC . I am well aware  that the content is far from being unique, but  I can not help publishing it.

The “virtual counter”

Last September we spent a week at Lake Okanagan and visited the Historic O’Keefe ranch in Vernon BC. You will find many wonderful old buildings there but my favorite is the old general store. Once it was the heart of the community, center hub for communication (post office),  source of supplies crucial for everyday life at this, than remote, outpost.

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]“The Ranch was founded in 1867, and in its earliest days was at the end of the wagon road into the Okanagan Valley and the site of the stage coach depot.  It was a small, self-contained community, with a Post Office, blacksmith shop, grist mill, and even its own church and cemetery. Many of the original buildings still exist, and are a delight to explore.”[/content_box_light_blue]

Today the shop serves as museum, and kept operational as candy shop. I do not know about you, but whenever I go to these old stores I urged to buy things (I am getting old and sentimental?). The atmosphere, the whole setting, the goods are telling me that what you find here is worth buying, because they are carefully selected to serve the needs of the people coming to shop.
This is the kind of trust and feeling you should build around your brand with followers to convert them into customers or at least to have them sign up to your mailing list. Of course it is only true for you if you want to earn money from that by selling products of your own from third parties.

Some argue the importance of e-mail lists and e-mail marketing but by looking at the conversion and click trough numbers of Twitter and Facebook for me there is no doubt that you need the list. This is the most important asset in your business but the hardest to build and keep alive. You have to nurture them, keep them happy and interested, because when the time comes they should be the first line of your buyers, they provide you wealth. You build their trust by giving useful information, help continuously.
Give them value:  give to receive.

So your “virtual counter” is the entire presence of your brand AND you on the internet:

  • in social media,
  • on your blog,
  • your comments,
  • your shared pictures,
  • on your website

everything. This is why you should build it consciously, with the business in mind – all the time.

[content_box_red width=”75%”]What do you do to polish your “virtual counter”? Share with us bellow:[/content_box_red]

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