Farewell to Vancouver BC

– What do you call home now? – My brain was in high gear because the obvious answer – 863 West 16th Ave Vancouver BC, a place we’ve just rented a day ago – was definitely the worst answer to an US Homeland Security officer who was holding my Hungarian passport and contemplating weather let me enter to the US.
– Paradsasvár, Hungary of course. – came my answer hopefully fast enough not to create any misunderstanding…
This small episode happened  five months ago, when we were heading to California to a conference. We arrived to Vancouver three weeks prior to that to explorer this famous spot on the globe, visit family, and go back and force to the US.

Looking back I must admit Vancouver was not the best solution for our base camp, at least not for the US visits. Crossing the border between Canada and US by car felt like passing the border from Hungary to Austria … in 1980’s when the Iron Curtain was still “operational”.

But from many other aspect it was a good decision. Picturesque natural surroundings for a very liveable, clean, peaceful, human  centered city.

Downtown Vancouver

We had a lot of fun, visited amazing places and meet wonderful people.  But now it came to an end, since as tourists we only could stay this much . We are heading back to Hungary.