Growth is futile but posting selfie is imperative

I was at a hairdresser the other day and from that visit I learned two things about solopreneur hairdressers. First is that growing beyond being solo might reduce one’s profit and increase headache. Second even a not very IT savvy – a.k.a computer technologically challenged – solopreneur can hack herself into the stream of social media, in this case Facebook.

Flying solo – forever

I have been going to her for more than eighteen years and I’ve always known her to work solo, but open to new ideas and ready to learn new thing to please her customers. I asked her, wouldn’t it be great is she had two or three employees than she would only have to sit in the corner, chat with customers, make appointments, collect the money, and time to time do some magic with some VIP hair.
Her answer was firm and for me very acceptable:

  • Even if I train new staff, by the time they will be capable of replacing me in my shop they would be opening their own shop across the street ruining my business
  • I am not up for management at all
  • I would need a larger shop. This one I own, being rent free is my out-most tactical advantage towards newcomers try to open shop around here

“Glamour wall”

There was a new piece (again) in the tiny shop. It looked like a backdrop, but since we are not in Hollywood I did not understand.
So I asked her about it. The answer came plane. It was a backdrop. She had to go length for the authorization from L’Oreal to make this, but she says it worth it.

She got plenty of young FB addicted customers. She saw them time to time try to make a selfie in her mirror after their new coiffure is ready and posting it on the internet.

Now she offers them to take it for them in front of the backdrop and post it on her FB page or send it to their email. The backdrop has a L’Oreal logo and her shop logo and address as well.

My eyes started to roll immediately. What a brilliant idea, and great opportunity for collecting email addresses and building an email list. I started to share it with her as it came to my mind, but she stopped me instantly.

– I hardly understand a word what you are saying – and she was laughing loud.

I bought a tablet to take those pictures and not a camera, even if the quality may suffer, because I can upload the pictures from the tablet directly and I have no clue how to get it off the camera.

I don’t know how to manage an email list but I do not need to because the hair is growing and they come to me time to time.

But why this selfie thing useful for you than? You do not want to grow. – I sounded confused, because I was.

– Sure, but new customers are always welcome to keep up the critical mass, as in critical to my business.

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