Solopreneur tarot – Part 2

This mini series is about the hats – presented as cards – you as solo professional shuffle daily. In the first part I picked four from the deck : The oracle, the holder of the key, the magician and the author.  Today I will shed some light on two hidden roles.

 Project manager – the firefighter

How does project management comes into a picture? I am a flying solo, what do I care about projects. You should! A lot!

By definition a project manager is fully responsible to complete a given set of tasks (project) within scope in a given time frame, from a set budget, in expected quality (Project management triangle).

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]Large sign on a construction company office: We build your dream house: on time, on budget exactly as planned. In the lower right corner of the sign with very tiny letters: You may choose any two… [/content_box_yellow]

I believe these terms are very familiar to you:

  • defining what needs to be done
  • by when
  • by whom – what do you need from your customer
  • finishing by strict deadlines,
  • spending (much) less time on a task than  you would like to spend on it to be perfect
  • save some time for quality assurance (proof reading)
  • interacting with others working on the same project

These are only few of the many tasks when you have to put on this hat. And why the firefighter? Because most of the cases planning is skipped rushing into delivery. And when unforeseen events occur, close to the deadline …

 State of mind:

Image courtesy of potowizard /

Image courtesy of potowizard /




Find the most organized persona in you. The one which believes that everything should be ordered and proceed as clockwork. Than add a pinch of Superman (or any superhero of yours) and two pinch of an air traffic controller.



Director of Outsourcing –  the customer

It might surprise you that I picked this one, but you only have 30-60 hours a week, it is inevitable to have some of the work done outside. Accounting, web design and development, social media management, IT/tech support, printing, delivery just to mention a few of the most usual.

When you put on this hat then you find yourself on the other side of the table. You are customers in many situation, it is a role one learn very early in socialization thought to be a nice accepting customer who takes what she gets as shown in TV.

But this is your business! Your life! Should you be just nice and accept anything thrown to you? Definitely not. You are to represent your business best interest.

Think about how your customers behave, act when work with you.

Sate of mind:

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /




Realization  of  “customership”.  Conscious, deliberate representation of your business interest. Meanwhile you can behave as you would expect  from your customers.






What is you experience with outsourcing?