Solopreneur tarot – what is your card today?

“Solopreneur has to wear so many hats!” Boring isn’t it? OK, here is the deal, give me three minutes and I show you why you must handle it on a different level. Ready? Let’s roll:

Blank mind

There are so many things we do in our life unconsciously. Repetitive tasks, household chores, work related chores, driving (ever happened to you that you’ve just found yourself 5-8 miles away from the last milepost while driving and immersed in thoughts), eating, listening to our mother-in-law speeches – I guess you’ve got the point.

We tend to proceed with our “solo” work on the same way. Since we are alone and we have to do everything anyway, it does not really matter which hat we are wearing, right? WRONG!

Road to success: processes, systems AND roles

As my friend Dawn Mentzer very cleverly emphasized in her post , structuring you business into processes and systems helps you to fine tune your performance, finish more with less effort, and earn more. As a quality and process management professional I am very fond of structured operations. However, to complete the picture Dawn started to draw, we must introduce a third dimension, roles.  Each process we develop for our work should have a role assigned. Role will fill up the process with life and ensures that the end product will be as expected. It defines the state of mind one has to be in to operate the given process. Let me show you what I mean about state of mind through some obvious roles we encounter:

CEO – the oracle

This hat is in the best condition because if used right, only have to wear it 6-12 times a year.  It is the ultimate role but use it carefully not to diminish its power. Pick it for processes like laying fundamental values of your business (creed, mission statement, strategy), planning your business year, dealing with high profile customer.

Sate of mind:

State of mind for CEO

Road to success


Before putting on this hat, clear your thoughts of the daily struggle, the bills, the deadlines. Reinforce your “big why”, feel the passion which brought you to this road, remember the success and pleasures your business gave you.

Now you are ready to proceed with this role.






VP of finance – the keeper of the key (to the treasure box)

Meet the square headed, cold blooded, number centric self of you. You need this hat for financial planning, handling payable and receivable,  dealing with your accountant and in time of any financial crisis. Warning! Try to wear it seldom because tend to reshape your head which makes putting on any hat requiring creativity rather difficult.

Processes operated in this hat are: book keeping, financial planning, cash-flow planning and management, invoicing, collecting payments.

Sate of mind:

Accountant w/calculator

Image courtesy of adamr /


We all heard about “creative accounting” but I advise you to be in a logical, number oriented mood when putting on this hat. Search for a memory from your school years when your math teacher praised you for solving a difficult equation (if you can’t remember fake one) feel the strength it gave you.

Shape up your desk, sharpen your pencil, grab your calculator and get to it.





VP sales and marketing – the wizard

This role is a frequent flyer. Experts say that one should spend 25%-50% or even more of active time on sales and marketing. Many operations fall short and disappear within a year of starting because fail to realize that.  When the gurus painting the beautiful future and saying you should follow you  dreams and do what makes you happy and create your business around it, forget to tell you that you will have about 30% of your time to fulfill those dreams. The rest is sales and marketing and operations.  Unless … but for that see my next article.

Processes operated in this hat are: managing blog(s), lead generation, creating proposals and estimates, maintaining great relationships with clients, operating social media sites.

State of mind

Guardians of light

Image courtesy of sattva /


It is difficult to define since the activities involved are so broad.

What mostly required is your extrovert self.

The one proud about you and happy to tell about it to others.





VP of production – the author

Assuming that you are lucky to build your business around your passion, this should be your favorite role. The one you want to wear the most.

Processes operated: product development, project delivery, creation.

State of mind:

Solopreneur author

Image courtesy of adamr /


Depending on your business can be very different.

You should find the best time, place and mood to give your best.

For example when writing involved as part of this role Julia Cameron: Right to write

is a mandatory source to set the right mood.






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What are other roles you find important?

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