Some expert advice for your on-line presence

Seven easy to follow steps to set up your own blog : Beginner Week: Bite the Bullet and Start Your Blog with this Seven-Point Checklist

I think this is the best post about Internet Marketing. The tale of the newbie entering the word of IM The Barnum Bailey guide to Internet Marketing

A quick, but very effective guide to content driven social media marketing referred to a “Inbound marketing”. A 5-Step Guide to Creating a Successful ‘Inbound Marketing’ Plan.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Small Business Website by Samir Balwani, is a very detailed description. It is a must read for all newbies.

And here is a good beginners guide for self hosted blog from @1stwebdesigner: Ultimate Guide on How to Host Your Own Blog – For The Non-Technical

Top 10 Blog Monetization Strategies by David Risley with whom I had the pleasure to meet recently.

A great piece from Jeff Walker:How to get more traffic?

Recently I put together a post for those who are looking for the very basics on search engine optimization. I included what I thought to be the 3 best free resources for SEO.

No one argues that images and visual appearance is important. Here is some great advice how to choose your images for your blog.

Measuring traffic and following trends on your site/blog is vital. Google Analytics does it for you for free. Here is a quick guide how to use it.