What I spread through my different social media profiles is something like this:


"Father, husband, entrepreneur, internet marketer (in order of importance). Last of the polyhistors. You are in search of value, I help you produce it."

I started this site because I am fed up with all the BS posted on the internet in the name of “Internet Marketing”. I really mean producing value.

Anywhere on my blog you sense anything else just simple comment “hey this is BS” and I will make sure that it is put right.

I feel the pain of any newcomer (to the internet) who is flooded by “reports”, “studies”, “e-books” and struggling to get basic INFORMATION on how to really start to build an online presence for something else than selling BS (ops sorry, infoproduct) on-line.

For my professional background and “achievements” you should go and look at my LinkedIn page.

My comprehensive social media “presence “is collected on xeeme.com, so just click and xee me.
Should you be bold enough to connect with me than join xeeme.com and find me there.

And finally if you want to join the game, here is a good ticker on Empire Avenue to buy: TheSoloprenM.

My mission can be summarized something like this:

"... I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself."

Isna Ia-wica [Lone Man]  (late 19th century) Teton Siux