Your passion, your business

We established in the last post, that you set your virtual counter (i.e. your on-line presence) to be the best for your business. Now it is time to move on to passion.

Why I am so keen on passion?

We went out with a bunch of friends, mostly couples of similar age.  I ended up listening to the conversation of  the ladies talking about exercise,  health,  usual issues. There were some easy to recognize envy towards one specially young looking member of the ring. Each of them revealed its secret, then it was “her” turn:

– I love Kundalini yoga, I have been going once or twice a week in the last five years. I go to Bikram yoga time to time. – She said it  on matter of fact tone but with genuine passion in here eyes. And than went on for minutes talking about Kundalini and how she liked it. When she finished the party went quite for a minute or so, this five year thing hit them hard.

Why is this story? Because I believe that you should at least like if not love what you are doing. I mainly thinking about entrepreneurs specially solopreneurs when writing this. If you are not passionate about what you are doing you might as well go back to 9-5 and save all the hassle of being free.

How passion helps in business?

We all know that nothing comes easy nowadays. Unless you do not treat things coming to you as obstacles which stops you but challenges you can fly over if yo fueled by passion.

It is very helpful t be passionate about your work when:

  • you want to start something new
  • you have to overcome rejection
  • have a mini writers block  “Who wants to read my crap”
  • you want to stop procrastinating and keep deadlines you set for yourself
  • your introvert half creeping to hide,  but you know you have to get out there because what you can provide is important for people

The list goes on and on. The point is you should find something in which you are not only knowledgeable but enjoy doing.

A met Alain at Bridgemakers meet up couple of weeks ago. After the meet up he wrote me a mail and asked me some questions about internet presence and social media. I started to write him back and before I realized I wrote him a small assay. I looked up his web site, checked his social profiles, and gave him bunch of recommendation and I felt GREAT.

You should think back and find those memories, those activities what gave you joy (Giants beating the 49ers does not count unless you can make money from sport blogging).

Make a list, build your business around it.

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