Your traffic retention buddy

You are working dam hard to get as much traffic to your site as possible. Your pinterest is awesome, G+ page flourishing and your twitter flows. After countless hours of content generation, FB liking, twitting traffic is starting to flow in.
You follow the 12 Most Vital Steps in the Writing Process by Susan Silver. There  you learned that putting links to the post is very likeable approach so you’ve done the research for the post, included the best links.

You hit the Publish button, and you almost hear that feed engines power up with “zum” to distribute your post throughout the pre-programmed channels. Thousands of RSS readers, I-Phones, Android devices twinkling, warning their users that You have just posted a new piece of unrepeatable awesomeness.
Readers jumping on the opportunity by clicking on the post and coming to your site to read the new material. At one third of the post they hit the well placed link, click on it

They are gone to the other site reading, what you told them to read instead of your post. By the time they realize what happened they are five pages away from yours, and unless you wrote something utterly important 93% never coming back for that article.
So your call to action at the end laying there abandoned and useless.


Retain the traffic you’ve earned

To avoid this I highly recommend to use “Open link in new window” settings.
When you create a link in WordPress it looks like this:

Open link in new tab in WP editor
If by any chance your plugin does not help you to do it from the user interface, you can go into edit mode and modify the link by adding my favorite target=”_blank” parameter to the link. Something like this:

[content_box_blue width=”75%”] <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Your passion, your business</a>[/content_box_blue]

My rule of thumb:
[content_box_red width=”75%”]EVERY link pointing AWAY from your site  must be opened in a new window. [/content_box_red]
What are these links:

  • Links in the post or on a page.
  • Guest blogger credentials
  • Your social media links
  • Your twitter feed (which has no place there but that is a different story)
  • Your blogroll links
  • Ads, banners
  • Thank you pages for subscription
  • You should continue the list in the comment section bellow…

I believe that all plugins, widgets etc. should use this settings as default for link creation. I do not see any valid argument why would somebody wants to have a link opened by replacing the current page instead of adding a new tab to the browser of the user. What do you think?